Dunavox – dealership coming soon

In the space of a few years, Dunavox has become a leading player in the wine cooler market.  Storing wine, especially at-home can prove to be problematic. A wine cooler is a practical and aesthetic appliance for wine storage.  Some models are free-standing while others can be incorporated into your kitchen design. Our modern models are of standard sizes, incorporate electronic controls and pull-out drawers, all of which are a great advantage for built-in coolers.  We also recommend professional, lockable models for vintners and caterers. 


– Based in Hungary but distributed throughout 40 countries world wide
– Europe’s fastest growing wine cooler company 
– Europe’s largest range of wine coolers, including integrated, undercounter and freestanding
– What makes Dunavox different: They manufacture all of the internal and external components themselves, meaning they have a much higher degree of quality control.  Only the highest quality components are used to manufacture the wine coolers.
– Push2Open technology
– Unique models that no other manufacturer makes, DAU-40, DX-143, DAU-32 DAU-17
– 3 year manufacturers warranty