CABLE WINE SYSTEMS™ The History of this Wine Racking System

The versatility of  cable wine racking surpasses all other wine storage solutions. The system accommodates the widest variety of bottle shapes and sizes and can also be assembled to meet customer preferences in regards to bottle spacing and/or positioning. Floating shelves or angled displays can also be added for additional interest and appeal. The racking can be fitted into a huge variety of different sized spaces.

Simply put, the CABLE WINE SYSTEMS™ wine racking system is in a league all its own. Whether your wine collection consists of 10 or 10,000 bottles, the streamlined look and sophisticated nature of the CABLE WINE SYSTEMS™ creates a stunning display that is sure to captivate the awe and attention of anyone who sees it.

This revolutionary cable wine racking system was developed by a wine cellar company from Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2011 in order to offer their clients an impressive alternative to the more conventional styles of wood and metal wine racking that were available at that time. The creators of the CABLE WINE SYSTEMS™ wine racking system were intent on developing a sleek and contemporary wine storage system that would complement and enhance any surrounding materials. In addition, the CABLE WINE SYSTEMS™ wine racking system successfully managed to merge more traditional perceptions of what constitutes a “wine cellar” with the more minimalist and modern look of many of today’s design trends.
The wine racking system was formally introduced to the public at Toronto’s IDS12 (Interior Design Show 2012) where it received rave reviews from the design, building, and architectural communities alike. It has continued to gain in popularity across North America and internationally ever since.

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